Rest Stops

Rest Stops are scheduled approximately every 25 miles. Water / sports drinks and snacks will be provided for each participant.  All rest stops will have outdoor portable toilets and hand sanitizer.

  • Majority of food items at the rest stops will be pre-packaged and self-serve.
    • A few (oranges, boiled potatoes) will be served by volunteers.
  • If you are wearing cycling gloves, remove them before going to the refreshment tent or hydration table at the rest stops.
  • Please use hand sanitizer before using water cooler and before choosing food options.
  • Please maintain 6’ physical distancing while at the rest stops.


Additionally,  lunches will be provided at the finish (Culpeper Baptist Church) to cyclist riding the 60 & 100 mile routes.

Please note that we will not be able to provide picnic


30-Mile Course

1 Rest Stop at mile 15 – Graffiti House –

Operates 9:45a-11:30a


60 & 100 Mile Course

Rest Stop 1 – at Mile 23  (60 & 100) –

Inn at Kelly’s Ford

Operates 8:15a-11:15a


Rest Stop 2 – at Mile 48 (60 & 100) –

Wayland Blue Ridge Baptist Assoc.

Operates 9:00a-3:45p


Rest Stop 3 -at  Mile 58  – 100 mile only

Castleton Community Fire Department

Operates 10:00a-2:15p


Rest Stop 4 – at Mile 80 – 100 mile only –

Wayland Blue Ridge Baptist Assoc.

Operates 9:00a-3:45p